St Margaret's CE Primary School

Year 6

Please find below the Meet the Teacher slides.

Mrs Cashmore's bubble looked at some Lockdown art that had been produced. They then thought about what Lockdown has meant to them and produced their own piece.

Mrs Cashmore's Year 6 bubble have worked hard on their art for the 'Spirited Arts' competition. Their theme was 'Where is God?'. The results are pretty stunning! Well done all!

We have also been giving the quiet area fence a bit of a spruce up. It looks a little brighter, I'm sure you'll agree!

It has been 'virtual sports week' this week. Mrs Cashmore's Year 6 have been busy honing their sports and fitness. We have been playing tennis, learning some control and balance skills along the way. See below for our balancing acts!!

Jonah has proved himself to be the 'balance master'!

He has also been seen stretching for impossible shots!

Thanks to these skills, he has become Jonah Wickes, offering coaching tips to other class members.

His tips have really paid off!

Sadly, there has been some cheating too!

We have been working on movements to increase our fitness and strength both indoor with Joe Wickes and outside for our very own boot-camp!

Amelia turned out to be our star mountain climber!

We obviously had to work on our celebrations too!

Mrs Cashmore's Year 6 group have been looking at the work of impressionist artists such as Monet. We then created our own paintings based on some famous works.

Year 6 are studying Macbeth. Here is a display produced by Mrs Cashmore's group.

Mrs Cashmore's Year 6 have been looking at some of the work of Hokusai, a Japanese artist. One of his most famous paintings is called 'The Wave', while lots of his work features either Mount Fuji or the Japanese cherry blossom tree. We produced these mini canvases based on his work..

If the weather is bad, bring the camping indoors!

Macbeth: Cara and Sophie recreated some scenes from the play Macbeth. Scary stuff!

Watch the ghost scene!

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Olivia and her sister Freya made this bee hospital.

Read Ellena's poem about the situation we are in at the moment.

The latest from Year 6!

See what Darius has been up to across our unit of work entitled 'Doors'.

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Enjoy this portal adventure!

Enjoy a little history!

Find out the latest from Year 6 by watching this presentation!

Enjoy Emilia's portal story!

Jump into Jemima's portal story. Click on the link to read.

Year 6 lockdown-style!!

Watch 'The Door' by Miroslav Holub

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See Year 6's interpretations of this poem.
The above is by Charlotte.


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See what everyone has been up to during lockdown! Enjoy!

Spring Term Curriculum