St Margaret's CE Primary School

Year 4

Frankie has been really busy, working very hard to develop and improve his writing. These four pieces of writing are amazing Frankie; it is fantastic what you have achieved here! The glamping trip I read about surprised me - a lesson learnt about checking for a leak in your bucket! We are lucky Frankie has shared these stories with us - make sure your read them all and thank you for sharing them with us Frankie!

Great news, Dylan has become a Rock Legend on Timestables Rockstars! He's practised so much that he is now regularly scoring maximum points on the Soundcheck! What an amazing achievement Dylan - we are all very proud of you!

Here's a note from Bethan and Ollie about the wonderful writing they've been doing this past week - take the time to read these, they're really good and beautifully presented! 'We have been thinking about character descriptions in Literacy this week, and we wrote our own today. Bethan wrote The Light Fotted Laser. Ollie wrote The Circuit Breaker. We hope you like them. Bethan and Ollie.'

Here's Emily’s fantastic Ocean Layers model…. She’s learnt lots about the different layers of the Ocean and what can be found in each and has learnt lots about the Mariana Trench.

Everybody, Dylan has been writing a story this week! Make sure you read it - it's a cracker, featuring an ocelot of all creatures!

Elizabeth has been out cycling this week and writing her poem based on this week's English learning - it's fantastic Elizabeth! Thank you for working so hard at it!

Emily has been busy learning about the ocean layers this week - she says she's learnt 'lots about the different layers of the Ocean and what can be found in each and has learnt lots about the Mariana Trench.'

And here is Emily's storm poem to read - you will need to open the file - she has done a wonderful job of creating her own poem!

Zain has been busy this week, here's what he said about writing this fantastic poem of his, "Here is my poem for English. I really enjoyed exploring the sounds and using some of my new words. I hope you like it, From Zain." We certainly do Zain, well done!

Look at this fantastic Angler fish project that Amelia has completed - it's amazing! She writes, "I have completed the bio luminescent fish project and made an Angler fish by painting onto a mirror tile with UV face paint. When we shine a black light onto it it glows it glows in the dark ! When we were finished we still had some face paint left over so mummy painted me up to look like a fish ! I hope you like these pictures of my work!" We certainly do Amelia, it's absolutely fantastic.

And look here! Both Isabella and Elizabeth have been truly busy...getting out there Isabella - wonderful, and writing too. Elizabeth yet again has been doing some wonderful home learning - a big thumbs up from me Elizabeth :)

Here's some writing Zain has been doing at home under lockdown. Well done Zain - I love the new words like, numerous, scrawny, breech and tenuous!

And here is Emily too, enjoying the delights of VE day at home with her family. Those cakes look delicious!

And here's Tania, she's been busy too completing map work for her Geography studies and celebrating VE day at home. Well done Tania!

Frankie has been celebrating VE day with his family too - fantastic Spitfire Frankie!

The Donkins have been celebrating VE day at home. Here's a note they sent about their day: 'We celebrated VE Day today by making homemade bunting, having a picnic in the garden, baking and having a BBQ. Ollie made a 1940s eggless chocolate cake that included vinegar in the ingredients and was a little crispy when it came out of the oven! It actually tasted delicious! Bethan made some scones, which we ate with jam and cream and were very yummy! From Bethan and Ollie.'

Frankie has been busy studying ocean life and has created this wonderful image of a glowing guppy! It's superb Frankie, thank you for making the effort to draw it.

Frankie created an incredibly thoughtful 'Tree of Hope' - amazing images Frankie. The tree represents giving life to all and living in one big community.

Xavier has written a fantastic story about an alien and he'd like you to read it! Well done Xavier; what an enjoyable tale!

Elizabeth has been busy this past week. She has chosen to focus some of her energy on learning about the Caribbean sea and has produced this wonderful collage  - just look at those colours! I hope her learning energy inspires you to spend some time researching a sea or ocean of your own choice!
Emily has been working on a Bioluminescence project over Easter – linked to our Summer Term topic Blue Abyss. Check out the photo - there are glowing jelly fish! Incredible and informative Emily, well done!

Dylan has been busy painting a Leopard - it looks superb!

The leopard is one of only a few species of big cats that uses trees to hide it's dinner in!

What an artist! Well done Dylan!

I can see you have been busy enjoying yourself there; good luck developing your skills.

Spring Term Curriculum