St Margaret's CE Primary School

Year 3

Spring Term Curriculum

10/01/20 Class 3 have been investigating what animal habitats there are around the school grounds. We found 2 large underground holes in the woods and set up a camera to see who lived there. We could not believe what we saw; it was a badger sett! We are going to keep the camera here for the next few weeks and observe the badgers' behaviour. Here are some pictures of what our badger friends have been up to so far.

The Komodo Dragon

Year 3 excellent writing

After a few moments Jenson entered the ruins. He stopped. In the distance the thunder began to rumble. The lightning flashed over the roof of the house. What was that? Behind him a shadow appeared. Jenson quivered. The trees shook the branches. Jenson scrambled away and he didn't stop until he got back home where he paused to catch his breath. Next time he thought. Next time I'll be ready.