St Margaret's CE Primary School

Year 2

Meet the Teacher presentation September 2020

Staying Connected

Let us stay connected by sharing some of the things we have been doing while we are learning from home during lockdown. If you have anything you are proud of and would like to share with your friends, email them to the school office and I will add it below (providing your parents have given permission to the office).

Miss Jackson


Check out this research project that Ethan S has done!



Sports day fun!




Harry has done a project all about Japan! Just look at everything he has learned!



Yummy pizza!



A garden designer at work!!

Bug hotel and an impressive castle! Great work!

Virtual Sports Day

Ollie has tried his hand at plumbing and has built a working tap!! Very impressive!


Seren has fun building a castle!


Niamh has worked hard to create her dream garden. Good use of a key!


Jacob's fantastic dream garden! I would definitely love one of those!!


Exploring the locks at Hatton!


A lockdown pond project completed! Great teamwork!



Clay castle part 2! Look at how carefully she has shaped and moulded the clay! Compete with 3 turrets, moat and drawbridge!



Look at this wonderful Motte and Bailey castle! Great work EJ!



Testing materials with the elves!    


Sunny day BBQed marshmallows! Yum!!


I see a new chocolate factory has been built! I wonder what sweet treats they are creating!



Food chain fun!




Working hard and playing hard!


dancing stick-man experiment.mp4

Still image for this video
Do you want to make a dancing stickman? Watch this video to find out how and learn the science behind it! Video edited by ES himself! Great ICT skills!


It looks like lockdown has been great for developing drawing skills!


Seren has written a riddle. Can you work out what it is?



Millie has been learning about space!



Painting rockpools and exploring woodland habitats



Look at Harry's castle design and model, complete with catapult! Great job!



Harry and his brothers drew spitfires and decorated a plate as part of their VE Day celebrations.



Look at this master castle builder at work!

It looks like you have carefully planned it! I can't wait to see it finished!


Catapult! It sounds like someone has been trying to attack his big sister!  Be careful!



Learning about floating and sinking





Making and playing woodland top trumps, sewing, making castles and VE Day baking! What a lot of great learning activities!


Harry made a mini rock pool in the garden! Look how he has used his ICT skills to label it! yes



Getting arty!



Working hard on The Elves and the Shoemaker



VE Day celebrations



Happily working hard!



VE Day preparations and celebrations

Ethan S worked hard to write a report all about his VE Day


Still image for this video
Look who's been learning some new tricks!! You'll love this!


Some fantastic evacuation writing



Sophia's VE Day baking! I hear it was yummy!



Look at Sophia's castle! I can tell that a lot of hard work, time and thought has gone into this!



Getting lots of exercise and learning to ride her bike all on her own!



Look at this great writing! Can you spot the simile?





Fun making Jenga and marshmallow/spaghetti towers! Look at the concentration!


Last week was meant to be Benji's Share and Shine. Unfortunately, we were not in school. However, this did not stop him from preparing and presenting his Share and Shine all about his trip to the Champions League Final last year. He presented it to his family and his sister's toys! I hope they listened carefully and quietly!



Origami fun, making shields and Japanese cooking! Yum!



Another fab castle, complete with drawbridge and flags! Great work!



Experimenting with dissolving jelly and baking!


Lockdown Fairytale

Harry retold the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff using shadow puppets with his family. The shadow puppets were inspired by their family topic on Japan.


Jacob learnt new skills as he made a PowerPoint all about Motte and Bailey castles.



Making woodland gardens! Look at those squirmy worms!


Jacob has worked hard to make a castle out of Lego. Look at how he has labelled the different parts. A very impressive family coat of arms too! Jacob has also created a PowerPoint all about Motte and Bailey castles. You have been busy!


Our first castle has been sent in! It looks very well built! Is that a coat of arms I can see? Great work! yes


Benji created  A Tourist’s Guide to South Africa, which included setting up a campsite. He presented to his aunt and uncle who live in Cape Town. What a great idea!



Exploring woodland habitats on a soggy walk!


An impressive coat of arms, taking inspiration from their family name coat of arms!



First Aid lesson with grandma online!


Madison's pet dragon became a fire dancing dragon! Great illustration!


Read Sophia's story to find out how the dragon became the king's royal toast maker!



Sam has learned to ride his bike (so have Millie and Sarah!) and he's even made an arcade machine with his dad! Wow!



Harry has had fun doing Science experiments and a project on Japan with his brothers. They even made sushi!! Look at their water wheel too!





Plant pot bug hotels, Easter baking, crafts and dragon descriptions!


Sophia enjoyed making this impressive African mask.



Ice flowers in the garden! Don't they look amazing!



Easter crafts and baking!



Two master chefs at work!!


Painting in the sunshine!



Beautiful rainbows!


Bug hunting with Niamh!


Painting by number!


Clay sculptures by Harry


A fab poem about elephants by Jacob!


Jigsaw time!


Science learning about how the eye works.



Fancy dress with Joe Wicks!



Spring Term Curriculum

Phonics Presentation