St Margaret's CE Primary School

Let's stay connected during lock down

It has been wonderful to see so many of you enjoying learning activities and time spent at home with your families. Your photographs and videos have really brightened our days and made us smile. Please see some of the fantastic photos of the nursery children, who have been hard at work and play. You are all AMAZING! Stay safe and well, we are thinking of you! From The Saint Margaret’s Nursery Team 😊

Chloe enjoying a dolly's tea party!
We have been practising writing our name
Chalking with my brother and sister
Chloe made a play dough alphabet
Chloe learning about 2D shape names
Chloe matching numeral and quantity
Chloe having fun at dolly's tea party
Chloe made a sign for her tea party!
Look at the Easter baskets I made
Craft for my Easter garden
Chloe's Easter Garden
Harriet practising her counting skills
Harriet working hard on her number formation
Connor on a scavenger hunt
Isla having fun on her trampoline
Chloe has been learning about plants!
Connor made his own guitar
Matching animals to their babies
Connor practising his name writing
Look at the rainbow I made to raise smiles!
Role play with my dolls
Making a sign for dolly's tea party
Thinking of my nursery friends at Easter
Isla Lily-Mae painted a beautiful rainbow picture
Isla Lily-Mae enjoying fancy dress PE with Joe
Isla Lily-Mae learning about plants
Isla nurturing her sunflower, it is 49cm tall!
Lucas hard at work!
Harriet riding her scooter
Harriet ordering numbers
Jensen climbing trees, look how high I am!
Jensen and his brother clapping for the NHS
Mark making in my outdoor kitchen
I've learnt to ride my bike without stabilisers!
Counting with duplo blocks
Jensen blowing bubbles
Jensen mark making
Learning to recognise numbers
Look at my cutting skills
Jensen's been doing lots of baking
Licking the spoon at the end of bakining, yum yum!
Zachary and Hope enjoying the great outdoors!
James writing his own name without any help now!
Practising my jolly phonics letters and sounds!
Wow! James has written the alphabet
James learning the letter order in his name
James is enjoying learning about animals
Daddy is teaching James lots about Geography
Chloe writing all three names now!
Look at my duplo giraffe
Labeling animals
Look at Chloe's fantastic writing!
Iyla and Amelia making chicks to celebrate Easter
Amelia and Iyla have decorated eggs
Having fun with water play
Iyla and Amelia colouring by number
Iyla and Amelia have nurtured their sunflowers
Iyla planting in her garden
Amelia mark making in the sunshine
Thomas practising his name writing
Thomas enjoying fancy dress PE with Joe!
Thomas has been measuring his sunflower
Felicity enjoying her sand pit
Sharing new stories
Felicity enjoying picking wishes (dandelion clocks)
Carey has been out walking and spotted some ducks
Carey and her little sister exercising in style
Bethany splashing in muddy puddles!
Bethany having fun in the garden
Bethany baking, look at that chocolatey grin!
Bethany has been nurturing her sunflower
Bethany has been painting