St Margaret's CE Primary School

Collective Worship

The Lighthouse Crew

Autumn 2




DIGNITY ~  everyone has a place at the table

God is good. He loves each of us. We are special and important to Him. However

small we are on the outside, or however small we feel inside, God knows us and

notices us. In this school, we try to remember that God loves each of us, children and

 adults - everyone is someone, everyone matters.

We can hold our heads up with dignity – God

has made each of us for a purpose in this world and in our school.


Week 1 - Introduction to Dignity 

Week 2 - Remembrance + Birmingham City Mission Worship

Week 3 - Anti Bullying Week + Olton Baptist Church Worship

Week 4 - Dignity and the Bible

Week 5 - Advent - The Anunciation and Angels + Advent Communion

Week 6 - Advent - The Long Journey to Bethlehem

Week 7 - Advent - Jesus is Born 


Autumn 1 


 enabling everyone to flourish together.


Share the work and share the wealth. And if one falls down – the other helps. Ecclesiastes 4:9


God is good. He made humans to be friends and families who work together and learn to love and care for each other. Everyone can help. We are all good at some things but we are not all good at the same things – so we help each other. In our church school community, we are committed to help each other, to look out for anyone who needs help, children and adults. We support each other with love, we are partners in learning.


Week 1 - New Beginnings

Week 2 - Our School Values

Week 3 - Friendship

Week 4 - Family

Week 5 - Harvest

Week 6 - Teamwork

Week 7 - Our World Community